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Vitamin C Serum Peptide

Vitamin C Serum Peptide

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Layer upon layer of light to improve the skin dullness.3-0-ethyl ascorbic acid, also known as VCZ ether, is a derivative of vitamin C, which can help to penetrate and improve the dull state of skin,Niacinamide E interferes with the production of melanin to the muscle surface, decomposes in the bottom of the muscle and does not allow spots to surface.


  • Double moisture protection, skin bounced up Liquorice flavonoids, penetrates the skin, helps hydrate and repair the damage barrier, making the skin more bright and pop.
  • 3 .Essence of beauty protection ingredients strength to protect young muscles Fullerene: Mildly beautifying, helping to relieve the aging condition of the skin, making the skin elastic, moist and shiny、Nicotinamide extract、Centella Asiatica extract can improve fine lines, dark and yellow skin, and present delicate and young skin.
  • No preservatives, no alcohol, no heavy metals, no hormones, no pigments, no mineral oil, no surface additives, very safe, sensitive skin can also be used.
  • The active ingredients of the product come from the American skin care research center


  • Feature: Whitening
  • Formulation: Liquid
  • Item Type: Face Serum
  • Ingredient: vitamin c
  • Shelf life: Three years
  • Product form: liquid state
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Joel Crist

Good packaging

Aurore Hagenes

Not a lot of damage came in, though it was well packed. When opening the package, one bottle was broken. Because Two was as a gift means not critical. Just a note to the shop. Ordered 16.08 came 20.09. I haven't tried it yet.

Jettie Gerhold

Broken 2, but from there more I arrive very fast to Mexico the product you put on the skin and it feels very humectated sour smell, I will buy it again

Brannon Kilback

It's whole. The parcel came quickly. But, I recommend buying in a box. Then keep it more convenient. You need to store in a cool, dark place. Wit. "C" in the light decomposes. Gel consistency. I will use it under the apparatus. Thank you to the team of Skintopia.

Idella Shields